TT Assistant - Timetable

Most flexible timetable & daily assistant


The most flexible timetable App

3 different timetable types

  • Weekly mode : Mon - Fri (configurable)

  • Rotating mode : Day 1 - Day n (cycle)

  • Hybrid mode: Rotating + Rules (cycle + special days)

  • Define your own time rules, define your working days, etc.

Annual view


Daily view with real-time updates

Annual view for rotating mode

Notifications in your Apple devices: Apple watch + iPhone

Configuring holidays

Simple to use

Easy holidays Management

TT Assistant makes it very easy for you to indicate your school or institution holidays.

Configuring your personal blocks should not take more than 5 minutes.


“It really helps me, I just open it in the morning and I know what do I have today in one second"

N.B. - Teacher